November 2015 Chapter Meeting - NCR History and Project Management

The Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter of the Project Management Institute is pleased to welcome

Keith Sarto


NCR History and Project Management

Thursday, November 19, 2015

5:30p - 8:00p

Abstract: NCR History and Project Management


This presentation begins with a brief history of NCR describing the leadership challenges/resolution that NCR executive teams had to make over the past 130 years.  The NCR history is overlaid with other companies that paved the computing path.

Keith Sarto was an employee of the NCR Corporation for 27 years and will provide his career as a case study with lessons learned.  He has some interesting stories to tell about how he was hired at NCR as a sales training course developer and transitioned via a diverse set of positions to his final position as a senior project manager – and, ultimate offer of program manager. 

Keith will weave his career story into the history of NCR that we hope you find interesting and worthwhile.  His experiences include his personal team leadership growth and promotion as well as creating team cohesiveness.  He will discuss how corporate and environmental changes lead to the need to change from Traditional Waterfall PM to iterative, Agile and hybrid methodologies. 

The changes from a company that literally produced every part of their product, down to machining the nuts and bolts, in Dayton, Ohio to a worldwide operation parallels changes that many other companies have experienced over the decades.  This will include the PM and development strategy changes that lead to offshoring and outsourcing.  The lessons learned from NCR and its employees should be helpful insight to any PM practitioner who needs to ensure his project aligns with corporate strategy and direction.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide historical and anecdotal information that PMs can use when thinking about their careers and organizations:

- The presentation will have some interesting stories that are not in the official NCR history.

- Learn about the first “business machines” company and some of its famous people

- Learn more about AT&T, along with the BUNCH and other companies that paved the computing path

- Be inspired to read NCR history to understand how it has responded to change over the decades:

- Discover innovative products/practices that changed history

- Hear how NCR was able to survive and thrive by adapting: from mechanical to electronic to digital to today’s self-service and best-in-class mobile strategy

- Learn how one NCR Senior PM responded to these changes from the mid-80’s; how NCR IT adapted its Program and Project management practices


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